Delta's MMCX Series

Delta MMCX series connectors are subminiature, 50-ohm impedance connectors with snap-on coupling. They are best suited for use with cables in the range of .070" to .120" diameter, such as RG-178 and RG-316/U.

These connectors provide small size, light weight, and economy with the convenience of snap-on mating and the ability to rotate connector pairs after mating for precise alignment. All Delta MCX connectors are available with gold-plated bodies, or with nickel-plated bodies for economy.

• PressMount receptacles mount securely in a single round hole, saving space on your components and reducing your housing fabrication costs.

• P. C. board receptacles with a choice of through-hole, edge mounting, or surface mounting.

• P. C. board jack receptacles that fit flush with the edge of boards, ideal for daughterboard applications.


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